Vulture Skull Stone Pendant

  • $220

Vulture Skull Stone Pendant

This Vulture Skull pendant set with a hanging gemstone is inspired by the Egyptian Goddess Nekhbet, who was represented as a woman with the head of a vulture. She is a symbol of royalty and of protection, associated with the Heavenly realm. Our beautifully sculpted Skull is a sacred reminder of this and is an amulet for health, and both physical and psychic protection. Some people think of this piece as a Raven or Crow skull, which have a similar shape...but Vultures are Raptors, rather than Corvids so the end of the beak is a little different.

We set her with a variety of gemstones, sometimes freeform, sometimes shaped into ovals or teardrops. Please let us know your preference. Every stone is different and unique. Living proof that you can take it with you!

Look for other Mercurious Vulture pendants and rings in this range. It is hand crafted from Sterling Silver and is stamped on the back with the Mercurious name and logo and 925 to guarantee authenticity.