Saber Tooth Stoned Pendant

  • $220

Saber Tooth Stoned Pendant

This Saber Tooth skull pendant is an anatomically accurate miniature hand carved by our master craftsman. It has a hardcore rock n roll edge. It was the dominant predator of its day. being able to bring down massive hairy mammoths, and as such represents strength, leadership and courage.

Be sure to look for our matching Saber Tooth Rings, and our other new Saber Tooth pendants. Also please note that we sometimes set the stone with silver all the way around to hold it more firmly, and occasionally use drop-shaped or free-sized stones..whatever feels best!

A portion of sales from our Big Cats goes to support The Jaguar Project in Costa Rica.

It is hand crafted from Sterling Silver and is stamped on the back with the Mercurious name and logo and 925 to guarantee authenticity.