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  • $130

Cobra Ring

Unravel the mystic allure with the Cobra Ring by Mercurious Designs. This distinctive piece, meticulously crafted, depicts the majestic form of a Cobra, symbolizing transformation, protection, and mysticism. The detailed rendition of the cobra body and head creates a visually stunning representation of this revered creature, capturing its enigmatic charm.

This ring is not just an accessory; it’s a powerful emblem for those drawn to the primal and the mysterious. It’s designed for the seekers of ancient wisdom, for those who dance to the silent tunes of the cosmic serpent. Whether in silver or gold plated brass, the Cobra Ring is a conversation starter, a bearer of ancient echoes and a testament to the eternal dance of the divine and the mortal.

She's hypnotic, and will mesmerise all who see her!