• $95

Caduceus Pendant

The Caduceus is an ancient symbol that first appeared in Sumeria over 5,000 years ago, representing the God of the underworld, and messenger of the Earth Mother. It is the symbol for Mercury, the Olympian God (or Hermes) as well as for the planet, the element and for alchemy.

It is represented by two snakes, probably mating, entwined around a branch, or staff. it can be seen to represent the spiral of sexual life energy, or kundalini. Mercury, the messenger of the gods, was associated with trade, guiding the dead, trade and thieves; so it's somewhat ironic that the medical profession often uses this emblem in error (rather than the rod of Asclepius.)

We have made our Caduceus to spin on its mounting, and offer it with a variety of gemstones or just plain sterling silver.

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