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  • $145

Bat Ring

Plunge into the enigmatic world of the nocturnal with the Gothic Bat Ring by Mercurious Designs. This masterpiece is finished with a natural brushed silver look and centers its allure on the intricate gothic medieval carvings, depicting the mystique of bats, emblems of intuition and adaptability.

This ring, a fusion of ancient aesthetics and dark elegance, is tailored for the souls that dance in the shadows, for the rebellious spirits intertwined with the gothic and medieval echoes. It is more than a piece of jewellery; it is a relic of the unseen, a whisper of the untold, manifesting the intricate dance between the obscure and the enlightened. Every detail is a step into the uncharted realms, a journey through the echoes of the past and the whispers of the shadows, inviting the wearer to embrace their inner enigma.

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