Our Rings have traditionally always been made from Sterling Silver 925. Recently we have added some gold plated brass options to some designs. Every piece is bespoke, hand-crafted and made to order, especially created on request. We simply cannot carry each piece in stock, so please give us a little time and understand that it is being made just for you. We are a 'slow fashion brand', to allow for a more sustainable and ethical approach to production. 

Additionally, if you want to have a half size (or even a quarter size) please email us to request this to Mercurious@email.com  Usually, we give our rings an oxidized finish, which gives them an antique feeling, but you can also order them 'High Polished' or with 24 kt Gold plate accents (aka Gold Filled/Vermeille). We put the gold on pretty thick (4 - 5 microns) but it will wear off eventually especially if it gets lots of rubbing. Gold accents will add on approx $15/pc to the price. It is also possible to request a gemstone accent (usually in the straight silver pieces..the eyes of the Octopus, the crown of the Vulture, etc). We like black diamonds for this, but you could also have rubies, champagne diamonds, sapphires, etc depending on availability for an average cost of $20/pc. We usually carry a large selection of other gemstones, so you can request any ring with almost any stone.

Please note that all our gemstones are natural so they will vary slightly in colour and shape. This is part of their uniqueness and individuality. We will give you the very best that we can, but do not expect the one in the photo. There are descriptions and pictures of various gemstones given under the 'Stones' option in the Header. 

Don't be shy to contact us for any individual quirks or custom orders.

Not for everyone, and that's just how we like it!


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