Centipede Bracelet

  • $315
  • Intricate artisanal design depicting a centipede in motion
  • Crafted meticulously in high-quality 925 Sterling Silver
  • Emphasizes the detailed anatomy of a centipede

Indulge in the exotic charm of the Centipede Crawl Bracelet by Mercurious Designs. This exquisite piece meticulously mirrors the fluidity and intricate anatomy of a centipede, creating a harmonious dance between the natural and the artisanal. It’s a manifestation of adaptability and resilience, designed for those who embrace the unordinary.

This bracelet is more than an accessory; it's a representation of one's unique journey and a reflection of the rebellious spirit inherent in rock n roll culture. The detailing and craftsmanship invite the wearers to explore their wild side, to resonate with the intricate wonders of the insect world, and to showcase their distinct taste with pride and elegance.

Get with the Centipede Ring to complete the set!