About the Designer

I guess once, long ago, I was fascinated by comic books, fantasy art magazines and mythical literature. Somehow, fortunately, I managed to bring that into my later life by donning the mantle of a merchant adventurer, a global trader, a treasure hunter, a gypsy. I spent many years travelling far and wide across the seven seas, enamoured with various tribes and their different ways of seeing life while hunting for unusual minerals, searching for spirit in the stone, a play of colour and light. These rarities I bought to the stone shapers, learning their art of transformation and also teaching myself to sculpt. Then onwards to the feiry forges of the metal magicians, alchemists who could transform base metals into amulets and adornments, pieces of power for the modern warrior. Their bellows gasp as the foot stomps down rhythmically like an alien heartbeat...silver bursts into a molten sun, water spits and hisses defiantly, the hammer dives unstoppable..how can you not like this shit? it's elemental, archetypal, ancient, artistic and totally alive!

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