Trident Leather Bracelet

  • $495

The Trident symbol is widely used in many cultures. It is the power weapon of the Greco-Roman God of the seas (Neptune or Poseidon), and the symbol of the Hindu God Shiva, master of Creation and destruction. In the Christian tradition it is often associated with the pitchfork of Lucifer, the carrier of the light, the Fallen Angel, and most likely has pagan origins. Whatever your belief, it has definite attitude and is used in this chunky bracelet as a symbol of strength and protection.

This power piece is hand crafted from Sterling Silver on genuine python leather with a magical gem called Merlin Stone (or Psilomelane). It is available with different leathers, colours and gemstones on request. Look for other Mercurious pendants, rings and earrings also in this Trident collection.