Crystal Pyramid Pendants

  • $120

Crystal Pyramid Pendants

Pyramids have the power to renew, refresh and invigorate, as well as being cosmically aligned and charged with energy.  The clear quartz ones have metaphysical symbols dancing beneath the stones, and we also make them in Rose quartz and Amethyst.

The Sri Yantra is a mystical diagram, originating from the Tantric traditions of Indian religions. It represents the totality of existence, the original elements of creation, and one's own Unity with the Cosmos.
Yantras have inherent magical powers in their depiction, and can be used as good luck charms and for protection.

The Om (or Aum) is also considered a primordial sound of the beginning was the Word, the sound, the signifies the essence of the ultimate reality, consciousness and Unity.

The Flower of Life has been known to philosophers, architects and artist around the world since ancient times. It is a sacred geometry, depicting the fundamental forms of space and time. We actually use the diminuative form, called the Seed of Life.

We have a whole new range of pyramid jewelry! Shown here are our beautiful sterling silver pendants, they are also available in complimentary Pyramid rings and Pyramid bracelets. They are stamped on the back with our Mercurious name and logo to guarantee authenticity.